We are a company specialized in advising the creation and development of your webcam studio in the online industry; with innovative strategies, concepts and processes that we have strengthened in our trajectory in the market since 2007.
We have offices in Bogotá, Medellín and Cali, in which our expert employees in different areas can provide positioning, productivity to our allied studios, models and monitors.


By 2022 be recognized internationally as the leading service center for the webcam industry that provides comprehensive advice, support and solutions to our allies for the positioning of their companies.

TWL History

For 10 years we owned a series of studios located in the cities of Cali, Armenia, Medellín and Cartagena; We started in the industry when the word monitor was only used to refer to the computer screen, there was no such thing as manager, payments were received through Payoneer and popular pages were Naked, Cams, PeekShows and PrivateFeeds.

Our first studio was born in a small internet room in the Metropolitano del Norte neighborhood of the city of Cali, a room that one day stopped renting computers per hour to connect to the first women who decided to give themselves an opportunity in the hospitality industry. hand of a young family studio that had adopted the initials of father and son as name: AJ Studios (Anthony – Juan). The systems technician, who seven years later would be the owner of one of the most productive studios in Cali, was the lifelong neighbor and in the little free time he left working with the computers of the time, he helped by changing sheets and distributing snacks. All of us, at some point, had to be in front of our models that strange mix between boss, mom, dad, motivational coach, friend and confidant. Even the manager, when we discovered the sale of audiovisual material, had among its functions to make up and photograph the models in the studio.

It should be noted that in our process of entering the industry, we had a loss of 240 million pesos during the first year, which we took as a somewhat expensive intensive course on what to do and not do when managing webcam studio.

As our studio grew and we opened new offices in other cities, we were solving our own needs, from basic aspects such as the legal entry of money into the country; going through daily needs such as the permanent presence of a systems technician; even non-vital profits and bets, but which could represent great opportunities in the future, such as the creation of a photographic set with professional teams and attendance at international events specific to the industry. It was the latter who made the difference between the gradual growth that we had been experiencing and the real dimension that we enjoy now, because in the midst of these visits to the pages directly in their country, we achieved exclusive agreements and benefits for both us and them. In colombia.

As part of the dynamics of the industry and the difficulties that the studios face period by period, one day a request came from a couple of studios to work with us to thus access the service of legally depositing money into the country, to This request was added to the support of systems and the production of audiovisual material. Thus, the first sub-studios of AJ were born, which reached 172 studios and thanks to the attention achieved by a new event called LaLexpo organized in the company of friends and exponents of webcam modeling, we managed to get the main industry platforms to focus on together we can start an ambitious project: page offices directly in our country.

For a couple of years we were maturing the idea of ​​expanding our portfolio of services and becoming a direct channel for platforms to enter Colombia and thus improve both support and training in our country, a dream we made real when creating The Webcam Lab and empower it with 10 more services, designed in what was previously known as sub-studios and now they would become allied studios. In 2018 it was decided to completely separate both companies, AJ Studios would only manage its own studios and The Webcam Lab would work exclusively with allied studios, we would open offices in 4 regions of the country: Valle, Cundinamarca, Antioquia and Eje Cafetero; and we would focus efforts on finding and linking the best professionals in the industry to make available to our allies the knowledge of this human team and the experience of more than 10 years of a company that is today the largest comprehensive service center in the industry worldwide, as the 23 international recognitions received during this time ractify it.