Oficial Statement #001 The Webcam Lab

Oficial Statement The Webcam Lab.

Dear webcam community, by this medium we pronounce ourselves officially regarding the situation that takes place in social networks, where different models were contacted with a message stating that the AJ Studios and The Webcam Lab companies have explicit photographs of them and are distributing them in the networks. Accompanying these messages, a link was also sent to Forovideochat.com, that accuses the mentioned brands with a scam. This forum is owned by Grupo Bedoya, information confirmed by members of the investigation group of computer crimes of the Sijin. The people contacted were asked to share a publication made by a fanpage called The Truth AJ, otherwise their photographs would be distributed directly to family and friends.

As part of the messages sent by the group responsible for this smear campaign, Grupo Bedoya is promoted as an alternative and is encouraged to leave AJ Studios.

In previous situations we have preferred to stay out of any smear campaign aimed at the brands we represent, but this time third parties are being involved and extortion is used as a means to achieve their mission, that is why we decided to report the situation and speak publicly about it.

The Webcam Lab reports that one of the policies by which its affiliate studios are governed responds to the privacy and respect for the human team that is part of the webcam industry, wich is proudly adopted by each of the hundreds of affiliate studios of The Webcam Lab, including AJ Studios, who continue to confirm that we are the best option and the first comprehensive service center for the Latin American webcam industry.